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“the study of the impact that the man-made environment has upon the health and wellbeing of people”

The Australian Institute of Building Biology


The AIBB Story

Building Biology can be defined as the study of the impact that the man-made environment has upon the health and wellbeing of people and the application of this knowledge aims to create healthier homes and workplaces.

In Australia the ideas of building biology were formally introduced by people who completed either the IBN German course, the IBE USA course or the BBE NZ course. This group of practitioners were some of the first to offer a full range of healthy building services in Australia.

In 2005 this group of practitioners got together with other active Australian Practitioners and founded the Building Biology Network of Australia.

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Sometime later the network changed its name to the Australian Institute of Building Biology which reflects its growth into research and professional development.

The institute follows the 25 principles of building biology and is officially affiliated with the German Institute of Building Biology & Ecology (IBN) and works with the IBN to deliver the English version of the original building biology course online.

The Australian Institute of Building Biology aims to encourage like-minded individuals to connect with each other, offer education online, through workshops and community events and assist the public with referrals to building biologists throughout Australia.

The Australian Institute of Building Biology (AIBB)

The AIBB is:

  • An independent, non-profit organisation founded in 2005, run on a voluntary basis by a committee elected from the membership.
  • Includes a network of trained professionals who are passionate about creating healthy buildings. With a commitment to ongoing education & creative solutions, AIBB members offer healthy & sustainable building designs and practices.
  • A mutually beneficial association in Australia of professionals with the aim to promote Building Biology and the exchange of relevant information amongst its members and the public.
  • To insist on the highest professional standards for members, who are internationally recognised certified Building Biologists, including: Architects, Interior Designers, Building Designers, Indoor Environment Consultants & Building Biologists.
  • We take an encompassing and holistic approach in building healthy and in remediating sick buildings.
  • Our aim is to research, educate and provide information on all aspects of Building Biology, as well as access to our members expertise and services.